Best Business Movies Every Entrepreneurs Need to Watch: 2017 Edition

Note: This article is updated regularly for the sake of up to date information. It was last updated on 21st April, 2017. If you have suggestions to that deserves to be in the list, please reach to us through our contact us page.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, and it is pretty visible in different types of startup Hollywood movies that have been released in last few years. There are uncountable hurdles on the way, some of which that you can not even imagine. There is a lot to manage, the budget, the employees, the legal etc. and you can see all these sides of being an entrepreneur in the best entrepreneur movies we have listed below.

Not every person has the capability to handle the stress that comes along with a startup, but that does not mean that you should drop the idea of being one. Well, even if you are thinking too much about it, you need a break. And what could be better than motivational entrepreneur movie for this break? Even if you do not know much of such kind of movies, we are here to help you.

Given below are some of the most motivational, comedy, heartwarming, and documentary kinds of movies that will help you in making your goals a bit clear. Also, if you don’t know where you can watch these movies for free? Here is one of the best apps for movie fanatics that you can download for watching free movies anytime and anywhere.

5 Best Business Movies for Entrepreneurs

  1. The Social Network

The Social Network, as the name suggests is about the most popular social media platform we have right now, i.e. Facebook. No doubt, it was a blockbuster in its releasing year, 2010. The movie portrays the story of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and how he changed himself from a brilliant Harvard student to the youngest Billionaire on the planet.

It is very interesting to know the series of events that occurred during his journey and the obstacles he had to face before he took over the internet. If you are thinking why to watch this movie? The Social Network is going to give you a clear image of how to start a company with patience as well as tolerance. We are sure that the movie is going to give you a new point of view to think about your ideas and decisions.

  1. is not a very popular movie but a highly recommended one. It is more like a documentary which revolves around a real life startup named GovWorks and analyzes its rise as well as downfall. Initially, GovWorks raises around $60 million from various corporates like New York Investment Fund, KKR, Hearst Interactive etc. But the movie takes a turn explaining the dotcom period’s doom and dust and showing the downfall of the company because of threatened business partnership and friendship.

The documentary beautifully explains the topics like capital raising, entrepreneurship skills, management skills, team building and management etc.

  1. Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley is not a movie and actually a documentary kind of video originally made for TV and released in the year 1999. It shows you the initial days when the leading tech giants very competing among each other and resulted in the rise of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The movie also provides a good detail about the private life and relationships of both the masterminds.

The movie will motivate you to the limits and you can find very crucial points that every entrepreneur should follow in order to become successful.

  1. Wall Street

Wall Street is a different kind of movie about a man who pushes himself in order to achieve success and power. Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen), is a very ambition stock broker on Wall Street who is riding on an economic roller coaster ride and following one simple mantra, i.e. “Greed is good”. You can learn a lot about portfolio management, investment principles and finance and capital market from this movie. In addition to that, the movie also shows the negative side of this success and power and how Fox gets along with the glamorous desires and pride.

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is my personal favorite and is a must-watch if you haven’t watched it till now. The movie is based on the true story of a person named Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) whose life struggle will give you the motivation to never give up. No doubt, The Pursuit of Happyness is the most heart touching story for all the movie lovers who will see the struggle one has to face in order to follow and achieve his dreams.

In the movie, Chris is not doing well with his current business and that is also why his wife leaves him and his child. At one point of time he is homeless and unable to provide food to him as well as his child, but the sacrifices he makes and the passion he shoes for his goal is worth watching.

ET Global Business Summit: PM Modi and his belief on the Power of Speed for Making Changes

Speed is an essential thing to push through different changes. This is one thing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes to be effective in implementing regulatory framework, stability on taxes and infrastructure developments. It is essential to make economy boost from its current state and increase ten times of its actual number. This is the idea of PM Modi which he believes speed will always matter.

Ideally, foreseen development may also result to more jobs according to Modi. He even said that the changes on the government rules or laws, system on the reform tax and target subsidies for those who needs it most are very important. He has this belief that it may possibly result into a well-streamlined economy and improved situation of the country.

Prime Minister Modi has also given emphasis on the changes for the multiple clearances that are serving as the reason for unstable investment. With the country’s complex tax system, he is even clearly asking for reform which has to be initiated. Prime Minister Modi even showed his ruling ideas by telling these meaningful words for everyone “I will push through change at a fast pace. You will appreciate this in times to come”. He mentioned these words while addressing the Economic Times Global Business Summit.

The prime Minister even believed on the power of speed for he has a sensitive understanding that maintaining all improvements within the country governance is a process that must be simultaneously kept. It is even powered with the voice and words of Modi that the rule and process within the government have to change and they were not into specifically for the needs. The speed of taking strategy to resolve problems are what Modi wants to stress out. This is to resolve issues in a fast phase and make the development visible through the rules.

Seeing a little improvement on the government has pushed Modi and his belief that further development of the New India’s overall country is already set on its way. With his leadership and great rules that can be changed over the time, it has to be changed to be effective on giving support on the idea that development is not that far impossible to achieve. With this strong belief of Modi, he has this view of seeing India for its continuous growth in the future.

Prime Minister Modi generally believes that he and the whole people in the government should help each other to bring growth and solve problems experienced by the country. It is even the solution to restore the moment of growth which can really be a challenging process. Furthermore, it is even hard work that serves as a vital thing to repair all damages to sustain a better outcome. Both hard work and speed, when goes hand in hand, may surely solve the current economy issues that the country are trying to overcome. That’s how Modi sees it!