6 Free Apps to Watch Movies on Android

Movies are the best way to pass time when you have nothing else to do and is bored or when you need to have some sort of entertainment. Gone are the days when you had to go to the movie theatres whenever you wanted to watch a movie. Nowadays, watching a movie is as simple as downloading an Android app. Not just movies, if you are someone who is largely into television shows and series, these applications can also help you watch the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows and movies as well, apart from just movies. So if you are interested to download Android apps that can let you watch movies for free as well as television shows and series, then today we bring you a list of the top 6 Android apps to watch movies for free.

Top 6 Free Apps to Watch Movies on Android


#1 – ShowBox:

ShowBox is one of the most popular free Android app that can let you watch movies. Apart from just movies, you can also stream various television shows and popular series across genres and languages using the Showbox for Android app. Furthermore, the app maker also made ShowBox for PC without BlueStacks available a couple of days ago. So you can now get instant free streaming using Show Box on your PC too.

#2 – MovieHD:

The MovieHD application for Android also works similar to the Showbox Android app by giving you access to movies in almost every popular international language. If you are someone who likes to watch movies on TV, the MovieHD application also features Google Chromecast support so that you can relax and watch a movie on your television using the MovieHD app for Android.

#3 – CinemaBox:


Earlier known as the PlayBox HD app for Android, CinemaBox is also a very popular Android app to watch free movies online. Apart from providing HD quality movie content featuring almost all the latest and popular movies, the CinemaBox app for Android also feature support for the Google Chromecast, allows you to watch movies offline and also supports subtitles for movies. Whether you want to watch some intellectual movies, or a comedy blockbuster, or perhaps a movie to watch with your family; CinemaBox’s got films of all sorts. Go check out the app. It’s free right now!

#4 – Flipps HD:

Apart from just letting you stream all popular movies in high quality, the Flipps HD movie app for Android also lets you watch videos that are currently viral on the internet and also allows you to stream music for free as well. With Flipps HD app, you can watch all the content offered by the application either within your Android device or on your TV using Chromecast.

#5 – Hotstar:

Hotstar is one of the best movie streaming Android applications out there. Apart from allowing you to stream latest movie in its highest possible quality, the Hotstar Android app can also let you to watch live Television channels, cricket matches and stream episodes from your favourite TV shows. Hotstar is one of the most competitive Android apps to watch free movies out there, and they regularly add new content to make the application more interesting.

#6 – Megabox HD:

The Megabox HD movie app for Android is one among the newer movie app for Android. The main advantage of the Megabox HD app is that it consumes very little memory space on your Android device. The size of the application is just around 2.0MB and is also very efficient when it comes to the system resource usage. The application also allows you to stream movies in two different qualities: 360p or 720p HD.

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