ET Global Business Summit: PM Modi and his belief on the Power of Speed for Making Changes

Speed is an essential thing to push through different changes. This is one thing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes to be effective in implementing regulatory framework, stability on taxes and infrastructure developments. It is essential to make economy boost from its current state and increase ten times of its actual number. This is the idea of PM Modi which he believes speed will always matter.

Ideally, foreseen development may also result to more jobs according to Modi. He even said that the changes on the government rules or laws, system on the reform tax and target subsidies for those who needs it most are very important. He has this belief that it may possibly result into a well-streamlined economy and improved situation of the country.

Prime Minister Modi has also given emphasis on the changes for the multiple clearances that are serving as the reason for unstable investment. With the country’s complex tax system, he is even clearly asking for reform which has to be initiated. Prime Minister Modi even showed his ruling ideas by telling these meaningful words for everyone “I will push through change at a fast pace. You will appreciate this in times to come”. He mentioned these words while addressing the Economic Times Global Business Summit.

The prime Minister even believed on the power of speed for he has a sensitive understanding that maintaining all improvements within the country governance is a process that must be simultaneously kept. It is even powered with the voice and words of Modi that the rule and process within the government have to change and they were not into specifically for the needs. The speed of taking strategy to resolve problems are what Modi wants to stress out. This is to resolve issues in a fast phase and make the development visible through the rules.

Seeing a little improvement on the government has pushed Modi and his belief that further development of the New India’s overall country is already set on its way. With his leadership and great rules that can be changed over the time, it has to be changed to be effective on giving support on the idea that development is not that far impossible to achieve. With this strong belief of Modi, he has this view of seeing India for its continuous growth in the future.

Prime Minister Modi generally believes that he and the whole people in the government should help each other to bring growth and solve problems experienced by the country. It is even the solution to restore the moment of growth which can really be a challenging process. Furthermore, it is even hard work that serves as a vital thing to repair all damages to sustain a better outcome. Both hard work and speed, when goes hand in hand, may surely solve the current economy issues that the country are trying to overcome. That’s how Modi sees it!

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